Query Spreadsheets

Any time you query, but definitely after a pitch contest, you should keep a list of which agents you sent to, when, and their response. That way, once you get an offer of rep you’ll immediately know who still has material and who has passed. The easiest, sexiest way is a spreadsheet.

There are services that will keep track of your queries (ex: querytracker), but I preferred to just have a table in Word.

What you need in:

  • Agent name and agency name
  • Date they favorited if it was a pitch contest
  • Date you sent the query
  • Date they replied
  • Date you sent a partial
  • Date they replied
  • Date you sent a full
  • Date they replied
  • Notes

I liked to color-code mine because I’m cool like that. Green for requests, red for rejections, orange for R&Rs. That way I could take a quick, visual scan and see what was outstanding. When I got an offer of rep, I sent to everyone who hadn’t replied yet–not just the agents who had fulls–my email that I had an offer.

You might also want to note: email addresses, nudges if any, and whether a no response means a rejection somewhere in there.

Good luck!

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